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Dave and Lynn,

      Just a long overdue "Thank You" for the amazing job you did on this house. Dave, I appriciate how maticulous you are with details and how you take pride in everything about your work. It has been a pleasure working with you. Lynn, thanks for your input on colors, stone, trim, etc, it has all come together and I sincerely thank you for taking your time to help me with all of that. We had a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner here and I am very thankful for many things, one of which is this beautiful house! Thanks again.


Joe and Michelle

Dear Dave,

     Some of the things we really appreciated about working with Betz Homes on our recent kitchen/great room addition project included:  your insights (based upon your experience) into ways of logically and efficiently translating certain details of the architect’s plans into practical building procedures; your attention to all details; the high quality of sub-contractors you employed; your delivering according to your projected time and cost frame; Jamey’s consummate expertise on the kitchen installation and other carpentry issues; and your pleasant, up-beat attitude and compassionate consideration through the whole process.

 Sally and Bob

(2011 Coty Award Winning Project) - View our Porfolio Page for images of this award winning project!




I just wanted to thank you for a job well done. We love the IPE!

Everything was done in a  professional manner and we were kept infomred of each step along the way.

It was a pleassure having you work for us.

The apple certainly did not fall far from the tree!


Bill and Donna


My beautiful kitchen, with 3 granite-topped islands, cherry cabinets with matching crown molding  and hardwood floors as well as the dry walled ceilings were flooded requiring a disaster-relief company to remove everything from the kitchen including the islands and cabinets.  All of the components were just piled up in the next room, including the crown molding which were broken into small pieces when they were removed.  Everything had to be put back together.

After the kitchen was completely dried out, all of the cabinets and islands including crown molding had to be put back into place.  Dave and his company were absolutely outstanding - very professional, great craftsmen, taking pride in their work. They were clean, pleasant to work with and the results were outstanding.  Dave even helped us select new appliances that would fit into our cabinets since the ones we had were not operating properly due to the flood.  All work including paint, electricity, carpentry were done with absolute precision.  Our kitchen now looks as if we never had the flood, maybe even better!!!



    Thank you for everything, it was truly a pleasure working with you. You made this project go so smooth and easy. Thanks for all your patience and hard work

Janet and Merion


Dear "Big Dave" [At this point I hope I can call you "Big Dave" since I feel I have known you for a long time.

    I am writing this note to commend your son, "Little Dave", who recently did some alterations on our house. While we have known Dave since he was a young boy through his friendship with Dan, Rosemary and I were very impressed with his competence, hard work ethic, knowledge and quality of the work, these capabilities that are becoming increasingly rare. So much so that it required feedback directly to you so you know how we feel. His positive personality, smile, and willingness to help were and are especially important to Rosemary who found him very easy to talk to and helpful when asked for advise. Although not as apparent, Dave has compelling capabilities in salesmanship.

     I think it is great that Dan and Dave are still friends. Dan is learning a great deal. I hope more of the work ethic part will rub off. Parents don't often get feedback on their children except if it is negative. You can be very proud of your son. You have done an excellent job.


 Walt and Rosemary


     We are so very pleased with the quality of work that was done here. You and your people did such an outstanding job, and performed with good grace and friendliness. Shelly and I would recommend your services for anything, large or small. Everyone who worked for you did it well, was courteous, and cleaned up as best as possible. The only problem with the completion is the feeling we are losing part of the family. Thank you for everything,

Dr. Shelly and Joanne